We are leading investment managers in global carbon markets


Assets under management*


ROI For full year 2022


Tons emissions reductions


Forest hectares conserved

Our Approach

We achieve our mission through three strategic priorities:

Investment management

Investment management

We invest in highest integrity carbon assets in order to:
1. Generate financial returns
2. Protect & restore nature
3. Accelerate climate action

Impact origination

Impact origination

We source, originate & execute projects that protect & restore the world’s most important places & help vulnerable people & communities mitigate & adapt to a changing climate.

Market development

Market development

We collaborate with policymakers, investors, NGOs, local communities and others to shape the way in which natural capital markets deliver optimal financial, ecological and social outcomes.




Over the past 12 months, we have

Delivered 61% on IRR


1. Delivered 61% on IRR on $300M assets under management.

Financed of tonnes


2. Financed 25 million tonnes of emissions reductions and removals.

Deep, strong roots


3. Helped to build a more robust, efficient and effective carbon market.



Forests and grasslands flourishing, at-risk communities prospering, and an effective carbon market financing a safe climate for all.



We deliver ethical, profitable & impactful climate finance to the people and places that need it the most.


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