Carbon Growth Partners Is a leading investment manager in global carbon markets

We invest in blue chip carbon assets to achieve three key outcomes for people and the planet:


financial returns

By identifying, acquiring and managing highest integrity carbon assets that can deliver superior returns to investors.


climate action

By providing much-needed climate finance for emissions reductions and removals, especially in developing countries.

Protecting and

restoring nature

By investing in projects that deliver co-benefits to forests, grasslands and wetlands, and the people who rely on them.


Carbon Growth Partners was established to meet the world’s massively growing demand for climate finance.

Our story begins in the boardrooms, communities, forests, wetlands and grasslands of the Americas and Asia-Pacific, where our founding partners spent decades designing and implementing market-based solutions to complex environmental and social problems. This experience included many years working with The Nature Conservancy, the world’s largest environmental NGO. In 2020, we leveraged that experience to establish the world’s first investment manager exclusively dedicated to generating returns and impact in the verified or ‘voluntary’ carbon market.

Uniquely, our team brings together skills and experience in investment management and operations, carbon policy and markets, community development and nature-based climate solutions. With rigorous attention to quality and integrity we are uniquely placed to generate financial returns alongside positive impacts for people and nature.

Like the carbon market itself, our approach is underpinned by a simple yet elegant premise: what is difficult and expensive to achieve in one place, may be less so in another. By financing emissions reductions and removals through investments in clean cookstoves, clean energy, nature conservation and restoration, and renewable biogas, we can accelerate a pathway to net zero that complements direct emissions reductions.

In doing so, we help to create meaningful employment and a healthy environment for some of the world’s most vulnerable people and places and help to ensure a safe climate for all.



Healthy Resources

Healthy resources

We raise and deploy values-aligned capital at a pace and scale aligned to the growing size and sophistication of the market.

Deep, strong roots

Deep, strong roots

We invest in the governance, people, systems & processes needed to sustain enduring impact and returns.

Diversity & connectivity

Diversity & connectivity

Our experience, networks and natural curiosity lead to us to build deep relationships & a diverse and highly engaged team.